Dancing on the street corner in a coffee cup costume, selling decorative earplugs at a rally race, moonlighting as an exotic dancer for Silicon Valley millionaires, helping people fix their insomnia as a sleep coach, sweeping popcorn off an arcade floor, cleaning windows (for your friends parents), selling life insurance in your pajamas, scanning lift tickets at ski resorts, writing blogs about funerals...#RealLifeStory

Yes, this is my reckless resume 😱 Now, we'd love to know about yours!

If you walk the uncertain paths of:

"I don't know what to do with my life and I'm going to try things out until I do"
"I just want to enjoy life and make money whenever"
"I'm just gonna do X until I make it big with Y"

...then your real resume is probably just reckless as mine.

It used to bring me down, make me think less of myself. I was terrified that with each change in direction, I was becoming increasingly "unemployable" (but then again, I didn't want a normal job anyway...)

It didn't help that my mother begged me to just be normal 😬

Well, it's time we highlighted the weird and wild rides of finding our life's calling, succeeding in a career, and sticking something out for the long haul.

We believe that the things hidden from our real resumes should be CELEBRATED 🥳. They've helped create the unicorn you are today. They've taught you to be patient, resilient, creative, adaptable and have most likely given you a profound appreciation for the hustle and the struggle in becoming someone.

So let's celebrate your odd jobs, your semi-illegal income streams, and the quirky stuff you'd never actually put on your resume.

All submissions are 100% anonymous unless you choose to stand proud for your Reckless Resume (no pressure...but you should do it)

Reckless Resume is a Boundless Micro-Experiment from Kelly Unbounded. Register your interest here to be updated on how this experiment evolves.